Should Alcohol Be Banned?


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Should Alcohol Be Banned?

Considering the relationship between Culture & Alcohol

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There are many drugs that people can abuse. Many of these drugs are illegal, meaning that they are hard to get and usually expensive, but there are also legal drugs. If one considers the most popular legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco will probably be at the top. Alcohol, in particular, is a drug associated with many different issues. Alcohol contributes to car accidents, incidents of violence, accidents, fights, and is, in general, a drug that is frequently abused. It is also a drug that is freely available and sold to any adult, as well as cheaply available. So, should alcohol be banned?

It is important to consider that alcoholic beverages are an important part of most cultures. People see alcohol as something that is very normal. Culturally, alcohol plays a significant role. It is a part of daily meals, parties, and social gatherings. It is also a frequent topic of conversation. For many people, wines or beer are their main hobby and for many others, they are a source of income or work. Most people drink, in one way or another, and view alcohol as a central aspect of entertainment or enjoyment, and as a necessary element for social gatherings.

Attempts have been made to ban alcohol before, however, they have never been particularly successful. Rather than eliminating consumption, they led to the creation of underground networks and people making their own alcohol. All this shows that banning alcohol is not effective, but is it right that alcohol should be treated the same as it is now?

Alcohol ban sober living nyc valley spring recovery servicesIn many situations, the culture and society promote alcohol dependence or, at least, alcohol use. In many social environments, it is expected that the person will drink. Getting drunk is often seen as a rite of passage or as a funny experience that everyone should have. Not drinking is something people need to justify and might face pushback, especially in some environments. Even work events or formal social situations often feature wine and not drinking it in those contexts might be seen negatively. Young people can especially buy into the drinking culture and feel that to be fun or enjoyable an event needs to have alcohol. This culture associated with alcohol that views it as a necessary part of social interaction can be quite harmful.

Who does this harm? It harms young people who might develop bad drinking habits and might make poor decisions due to the influence of  alcohol. It  can harm people who have a predisposition for developing an addiction because it makes it more likely they will try alcohol and creates a context where this is encouraged, at least, initially. It can harm people in recovery or those with a distaste or allergies to alcohol.  It also creates a culture that can promote substance problems because people cannot see themselves having fun or being social without alcohol.

It is worth noting that moderate consumption of alcohol is not, by itself, harmful. It can be enjoyable and many people find that trying different types of wine or beer is fun for them and complements their life. However, the overall culture that exists around alcohol and that becomes more prominent in certain settings, like groups of young people, can be harmful because of its emphasis on alcohol.

So, rather than a ban on alcohol, it may be important to modify the culture concerning alcohol. This is associated with the view of drinking as cool and fun behavior, a view that is supported by the media. Instead, moderate consumption should be encouraged, as well as more awareness concerning the negative effects of alcohol. Alcohol should be seen as something that can complement a party or a gathering but should not be the center of it unless it is a wine-tasting event.

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The cultural shift concerning alcohol is likely to take a while. However, the cultural shift might change the problems with alcohol consumption. People can become addicted to many things. Illegal drugs are not, for example, usually supported socially or shared or viewed in a positive manner like alcohol. However, the culture around alcohol may hurt many people and encourage excessive drinking among many different people.

Overall, alcohol is not only legal but an important part of culture for many people. This culture has its upsides and its downsides because it promotes drinking as normative behavior. Of course, this can vary depending on an individual’s social circle or their subculture but people who do not drink are less common than those who do, which is often seen as the default. This can be a factor that may contribute to substance abuse problems in some people but the only possible way to address it is through a cultural shift.

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Happy and Drug-Free

How to become happier without drugs in the equation

happy and drug free sober living nyc valley spring

At some point in our lives, we have come across many success stories of how different individuals have embarked on life-changing journeys and have found the true meaning of happiness.

These people have faced some daunting life situations and have come out stronger and happier than they were. They could achieve this fit because of the positive attitude they choose to see all the obstacles that were laid in their path. Drugs have never had anything to do with it and their thinking was never dulled by it either.

Life is full of uncertainties and everybody have their own challenges. Nobody has a perfect life and everyone has a different approach to dealing with life issues. But to ensure your happiness and that of the people around you who really matter, you need to learn how to be positive, how to overcome the difficulties in your life without succumbing to drugs.

Drugs only cloud your sense of reasoning and prevent you from achieving your true potential, making you lose focus of the real essence of life – that is to be happy and be a good ambassador to your society.

When you learn to say no to drugs, you have succeeded in breaking free from the chain that has made you a slave to its desire and you open your mind to a whole new brighter universe. You will be able to be of help to the people around as now you are focused on the things that really matter in your life.

Here are some tips on how to be happy and drug-free:

  • Set realistic targets for yourself: when you know what you want your future to be like and set targets you want to achieve, you are less likely to do drugs. As these targets will serve as a reminder of what you aim to achieve in future whenever the temptation to do drugs arises. It also helps to boost your confidence.
  • Spend time with loved ones: spending time with people who love you that don’t do drugs is a great way to abstaining from drugs. The support, love and advice from your loved will help keep you on the right track.
  • Do things that will make you feel good:  most times people do drugs because they want to “feel good”. But there are so many activities that can make you feel better than drugs, all you have to do is find which one interest you better and pick it as a hobby.
  • Learn to say no and be assertive about it: most times people do drugs due to peer pressure, but when you learn to say no and stick to it, defeating such temptation becomes easy. One thing you should know is that friends who truly love you would not want you to follow the wrong path.

Many people have gone down the path of drugs and caused some serious damage to themselves that they regret every day but that doesn’t have to be you. You can be happy, better, of great significance to someone’s life and most importantly you can be drug-free.

couple drug free and happy sober living nyc valley spring recovery services

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There For Friends Who Suffer In Addiction

Good friends are key to happiness and health

Battling with addiction can be very difficult and requires a lot of love and support from family, friends and loved ones to help the person come out a survivor. Addiction can be in different forms, it could be addiction to substance, addiction to drugs, addiction to alcohol, addiction to porn, etc. There is a very wide range of addictions a person might be battling with.

A lot of people carry the opinion that you need to dissociate yourself from people who have addiction issues for the sake of your own self. A lot of people go with the belief that the best way to help addicted loved ones is by letting them be. However, contrary to this belief, research has proven that partners of those who battle with a type of addiction or another can actually play a very important role in bringing them to change.

friend helping another friend deal with addiction and sober livign nyc

In 2008, Debra Jay and her husband Jeff Jay co-authored a book, ‘love first: a family’s guide to intervention’ which challenged the popular opinion that you can’t help an alcoholic until he wants to help himself by saying “it’s a completely different story if you say “If you can’t help an alcoholic until he wants help, what will get him to want help? Now that opens up the door to possibilities, I can start looking for solutions and answers”. Here are a few reasons why you need to be there for friends who suffer addiction:

They Are Stronger With Your Support:

  • This is a natural human phenomenon, when you are aware of your loved ones’ support for you, it pushes you to be strong and more confident in yourself. This feeling can help give addicts a boost as they battle their addictions. Always be there to encourage him physically and emotionally even when he falls or make mistakes. Make him understand that you believe in his ability to fight and conquer the addiction.

Your Constant Love Can Make Them Seek Help:

  • If you continue to love a family or friend irrespective of his addiction, it pushes such person to have a rethink about his addiction and even if not because of himself to seek help because of your love for them.

Your Guidance Can Help Him Find His Way Out:

  • Once a person who is battling with addiction decides to stop, he needs someone to him and walk him through the fight against the addiction. This is where a friends guidance comes to play a very important role, you should make sure to learn as much as you can about addiction because this will help you in guiding him accurately.  Take him to a psychologist. You also need to stay with him whenever he needs your support. Help him find support groups for addicts and register him.


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Why A Sober Living Plan Is A Good Idea

Better to be prepared & plan for your personal recovery

Creating a sober living plan isn’t easy. Especially when you consider that the purpose of living life may vary from person to person.  Some people discover purpose early in life; some at later stages; and of course those too unfortunate tales who never discover their purpose.

To life with a sense of purpose is crucial for creating meaningful goals in life. Setting appropriate goals to achieve your life purpose increase your potential for a better life and your chances of positively impacting others.

According to Olive Goldsmith the Anglo-Irish author “Life is a Journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the road and accommodations.” As said by Oliver “life is a journey” so it requires some planning for both good and bad roads encountered on the journey.  Effective planning for a life journey will help you achieve life purpose, evaluate, prioritize and organize your life goals.

Staying focused on one’s life-purpose or new found goal(s) in life-journey requires steady reflection on your purpose. Evaluating your performance will involve a realistic and sober assessment of both achievements and setbacks; often resulting in sober living for a specific period.  Sober living obliges you to be in a calm and sane frame of mind that makes you take control of your emotions and desires, especially in difficult situations.

This sought of exercise help improve your strengths, uniqueness as a person and enhances your self-worth especially when faced with tough circumstances of life. Sober living is most beneficial when faced with issues of addiction, abuse, tragedy or loss. It genuinely helps you cultivate new skills and healthy habits to break addictions and address fear(s) that may be holding you back.

Sober living plan nyc valley spring

Here are some good reasons why you might need a sober living plan:

  • A new vision and direction for a healthy life style: You should develop a sober living plan to provide good direction by identifying your motives behind your actions. Creating a sober living plan helps in shaping behavior for achieving life full of purpose.
  • To stay focused: A sober living plan can help outline set of actions aimed at developing new and healthy life skills. The plan provides guidance by clearly stating the objectives and expected results; this will help realignment to one’s purpose to healthy lifestyle.
  • Create a set of priorities: Once objectives are developed for sober living, priorities need to be set right and make it easier to take ownership of the plan. Prioritizing the activities make it easier to say no to distracting initiatives.
  • Provides self-accountability: A sober living plan written in a simple and realistic manner can be easily be measured by outcomes. The plan helps measure level of accomplishment of set goals and holds you accountable for what is yet to be accomplished in your sober living plan.
  • Identify the resources and support: The sober living plan will identify the needed support and resources to create a healthy lifestyle. It further showcases estimates of resources and strategies for achieving the set goals and timing.

You can access more general information about sober living houses or speak directly to the recovery consultants at Valley Spring to learn more about their recovery services and sober living in NYC.

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How Substance Abuse Can Stop You From Finding Love

What do you love more…? Sober living or substance use?

It’s all about love, right? From an observatory point of view, victims of substance abusers — yes, victims because they are at the mercy of something they literately cannot control — do not usually set out as abusers. Three major factors likely responsible for substance abuse is anxiety, depression and shame. An “unhealthy” individual burdened from pressures with work/responsibilities may likely find himself drowned with alcohol or other substances in a bid to keep the weight of the world of his shoulders.

A substance abuser does not necessarily have control over the circumstances he or she faces but they do have control in how they respond to a given situation. While a potential love interest might long for the desire of their partner, who is struggling with substance abuse, though interested in the relationship, a substance abuser’s excessive usage of these substances can have ripple effects on an otherwise healthy relationship.

Substance abuse can get in the way of good sober living nyc

It is akin to addiction and anyone who has seen the popular movie “THE FLIGHT” by veteran Hollywood actor Denzel Washington would know the dangers of abuse and addiction. In the movie, the actor was a pilot who was addicted to alcohol. He had a ‘love’ for alcohol which superseding any ethical responsibility to public safety or concerning the greater good.   His addiction led him to drink a bottle of vodka on a day he was to fly a plane. The regulation for pilots and flight crew is a standard one and drinking is not one on the list. His alcohol abuse caused the death of crew members on board the airplane including his love interest — second to alcohol of course.

Substance abusers do not admit they have a fundamental problem of abuse and still categorize themselves as casual users. The turnaround for most usually happens when the victims of their abuse (usually loved ones) get hurt. Spouses get emotionally hurt, physically abused, neglect sets in and emotional abuse is common.

Having concluded here that a lack of control and will to manage one’s intake of substance can affect one’s ability to make right and informed choices, it is safe to say that substance abuse tends to damage healthy relationships including relationships with siblings, parents, friends, work-place and even spousal relationships. There is, however, no love lost as some loved ones will go the extra mile to help their near-and-dear find rehabilitation centers for recovery. For some “addicts”, their first love is the alcohol or drugs, and it remains their true love until they realize that the relationship is only one-sided, and that the substance never loved them back. Until the relationship runs its course, and the individual begins to learn how to love him or herself, only then can positive change be a possibility.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Valley Spring Recovery Services and Sober Living NYC is always available to help you take to next step. You may feel alone but you are not. Don’t wait too long to step into new opportunity and possibilities. If you’re thinking about sober living and interesting in learning more general information about “sober houses near me“, feel free to click on the link to brief yourself.

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