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Happy and Drug-Free

How to become happier without drugs in the equation

happy and drug free sober living nyc valley spring

At some point in our lives, we have come across many success stories of how different individuals have embarked on life-changing journeys and have found the true meaning of happiness.

These people have faced some daunting life situations and have come out stronger and happier than they were. They could achieve this fit because of the positive attitude they choose to see all the obstacles that were laid in their path. Drugs have never had anything to do with it and their thinking was never dulled by it either.

Life is full of uncertainties and everybody have their own challenges. Nobody has a perfect life and everyone has a different approach to dealing with life issues. But to ensure your happiness and that of the people around you who really matter, you need to learn how to be positive, how to overcome the difficulties in your life without succumbing to drugs.

Drugs only cloud your sense of reasoning and prevent you from achieving your true potential, making you lose focus of the real essence of life – that is to be happy and be a good ambassador to your society.

When you learn to say no to drugs, you have succeeded in breaking free from the chain that has made you a slave to its desire and you open your mind to a whole new brighter universe. You will be able to be of help to the people around as now you are focused on the things that really matter in your life.

Here are some tips on how to be happy and drug-free:

  • Set realistic targets for yourself: when you know what you want your future to be like and set targets you want to achieve, you are less likely to do drugs. As these targets will serve as a reminder of what you aim to achieve in future whenever the temptation to do drugs arises. It also helps to boost your confidence.
  • Spend time with loved ones: spending time with people who love you that don’t do drugs is a great way to abstaining from drugs. The support, love and advice from your loved will help keep you on the right track.
  • Do things that will make you feel good:  most times people do drugs because they want to “feel good”. But there are so many activities that can make you feel better than drugs, all you have to do is find which one interest you better and pick it as a hobby.
  • Learn to say no and be assertive about it: most times people do drugs due to peer pressure, but when you learn to say no and stick to it, defeating such temptation becomes easy. One thing you should know is that friends who truly love you would not want you to follow the wrong path.

Many people have gone down the path of drugs and caused some serious damage to themselves that they regret every day but that doesn’t have to be you. You can be happy, better, of great significance to someone’s life and most importantly you can be drug-free.

couple drug free and happy sober living nyc valley spring recovery services

If you or a loved one is battling with addiction and need help, please call Valley Spring. One of their recovery consultants will help you get plugged into the best recovery services and sober living offered in NYC. If you’re interested in taking the next step or learning more about sober homes, visit the hyperlink here.

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There For Friends Who Suffer In Addiction

Good friends are key to happiness and health

Battling with addiction can be very difficult and requires a lot of love and support from family, friends and loved ones to help the person come out a survivor. Addiction can be in different forms, it could be addiction to substance, addiction to drugs, addiction to alcohol, addiction to porn, etc. There is a very wide range of addictions a person might be battling with.

A lot of people carry the opinion that you need to dissociate yourself from people who have addiction issues for the sake of your own self. A lot of people go with the belief that the best way to help addicted loved ones is by letting them be. However, contrary to this belief, research has proven that partners of those who battle with a type of addiction or another can actually play a very important role in bringing them to change.

friend helping another friend deal with addiction and sober livign nyc

In 2008, Debra Jay and her husband Jeff Jay co-authored a book, ‘love first: a family’s guide to intervention’ which challenged the popular opinion that you can’t help an alcoholic until he wants to help himself by saying “it’s a completely different story if you say “If you can’t help an alcoholic until he wants help, what will get him to want help? Now that opens up the door to possibilities, I can start looking for solutions and answers”. Here are a few reasons why you need to be there for friends who suffer addiction:

They Are Stronger With Your Support:

  • This is a natural human phenomenon, when you are aware of your loved ones’ support for you, it pushes you to be strong and more confident in yourself. This feeling can help give addicts a boost as they battle their addictions. Always be there to encourage him physically and emotionally even when he falls or make mistakes. Make him understand that you believe in his ability to fight and conquer the addiction.

Your Constant Love Can Make Them Seek Help:

  • If you continue to love a family or friend irrespective of his addiction, it pushes such person to have a rethink about his addiction and even if not because of himself to seek help because of your love for them.

Your Guidance Can Help Him Find His Way Out:

  • Once a person who is battling with addiction decides to stop, he needs someone to him and walk him through the fight against the addiction. This is where a friends guidance comes to play a very important role, you should make sure to learn as much as you can about addiction because this will help you in guiding him accurately.  Take him to a psychologist. You also need to stay with him whenever he needs your support. Help him find support groups for addicts and register him.


If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and unsure how to proceed, Valley Spring will help get you connected to quality recovery services and even to sober living if necessary. Feel free to learn more general information about sober houses and to read our previous blog article about why a sober living plan is a good idea

Ways Your Life Can Change When You Quit Alcohol & Drugs

Your life can drastically improve when you quit alcohol and drugs

Quitting a habit is more difficult than starting it. If you are trying to quit alcohol and/or drugs, the challenge still remains great. Something like drinking, which maybe begins innocently, with just a glass after work, after a stressful day, to remove boredom or avoid loneliness, may turn into a seemingly uncontrollable habit that you want to stop because of the negative effects it is having in your life. These negative effects may be debts, weight gain (usually from a pot belly), and tiredness, waking up with a hangover, bad eating habits, ill health and a whole lot more.


The following are the 5 ways your life will change when you quit alcohol and drugs:

New friends replace old ones

  • As the adage states, birds of the same feather flocks together.  The circle of friends you kept when you were drinking should change drastically or gradually, and you are encouraged to begin making new friends from joining new hobbies, or activities you are now engaging in since putting down the drink or drugs. Your old friends may not completely out of your life, but they will gradually realize that you are making a change for the better and will either respect what your new way of life or they will not.

Improved health

  • We all know health is wealth. Alcohol has been linked to diseases like liver cirrhosis which is a chronic disease of the liver caused by damage from toxins from alcohol, cancer of the mouth and colon, etc.  When you quit alcohol, there is less risk of falling sick from these diseases. You look healthier internally and external appears also improving such as your skin looking and feeling hydrated because alcohol helps the body to lose water.


drug free feeling healthy at valley spring recovery services sober living nyc


  • When you drink or do drugs, you need time to come out from an intoxicated state of mind. When you quit drugs, in the long run you will definitely sleep better, which leads to  improved mood and concentration. You will be more productive because you will be better at spending your energy and focus more wisely. If you are a student, preparing from your exams should no longer be as challenging as you can now dedicate your precious time to studying. If you are a businessman or woman, the way you handle your professional dealings can improve and people might be more likely to give you solid referrals.

Increased savings

  • You will be able to save money! Imagine that?! The money you spend on drinks or giving to your dealer can be saved or be used to take care of yourself and your family. You will not be indebted to anybody financially.

And there is more, of course!!

Alcohol can decrease your appetite, but it can also increase your appetite for food so there is definitely to gain unhealthy weight. Another good reason if you quit alcohol, you could certainly begin to lose some of that “beer gut” and you are little  things that bring change to your life follows. And when you quit heroin, as another instance, you will actually begin to gain weight and tackling malnutrition. You don’t get exhausted easily, you have more energy, you complain less of body aches and pain, you can move around easily, and your immune system improves which helps prevent and fights diseases.


Learn more about sober houses for when you complete inpatient rehab, and to understand the different recovery services that may compliment your outpatient treatment, contact Valley Spring Recovery Services to discuss ways to improve your life and discover arguably the best sober living home NYC has to offer.


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How Alcohol Can Affect Your Relationships

Those closest are likely to feel the devastating effects of alcohol the most

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem. It affects almost every aspect of your life and can create a lot of consequences to your family, colleagues, relationships, friends, finances and even more devastating, it can be fatal. It has potential to destroy a marriage and even create a barrier between close family members. Often times, alcoholics think the addiction affects just them. This is not the case as addiction takes over an entire household and creates holes in relationships. There are many reasons in favor of a good sober house, but here are few ways alcohol severs relationship with people.


Neglect of Duties

Alcohol abuse causes a neglect in both personal and professional responsibilities. This is because alcohol disturbs the normal bodily function, especially when taken in excess. This causes the alcoholic to withdraw from close relationships like from friends and family.  Most times, the addicts develop a new set of friends and social circle that is made of of similar alcoholics. This in essence causes a neglect in duties as they will no longer live a responsible life. Their bills will not be paid, their family will not be properly catered for and in extreme cases, it might affect their work life and lead to non-productivity which would eventually lead to job loss. Alcoholic people need to embrace a sober living so as to prevent all these from happening.

Alcohol affects relationships and good sober living in NYC

Abuse and Danger

Often times, alcoholism causes severe and reckless behavior which puts family members and loved ones at serious risk of injuries from domestic violence, car accident and neglect (when children are involved). When underage children are involved, they might be exposed to household hazards because no sober adult is present in the house to prevent them. It even raises fear in them, especially when they see the type of behaviors the alcoholic exhibits on a daily basis. Worse still, lives of innocent people on the street are endangered every time an alcoholic decides to drive under the influence. Sober living hinders any of these things, so it’s best to practice it.


Setting Bad Example For Children

Children always imitate what they see. Alcoholic people set a bad example for children around them because once children see adults drinking alcohol, they will think it’s okay and would want to do the same. This is particularly true if older children are involved, especially teenagers. They might go through illegal means just to buy alcohol. To avoid this kind of negativity creeping into your life, embrace a sober living and quit alcohol abuse, live a responsible life and set a good example for those around you.

Alcohol addiction poses a threat to not just the addicts life, but also the lives of the people around it. Although the effects might not be physical, they might be mental and psychological. Most will eventually suffer from depression, mood swings, quick tempers, and in severe cases, suicidal thoughts. However, all these issues can be prevented with the right kind of help and recovery services available in Manhattan. Alcoholics should check out many of the treatment and recovery services available in NYC and pick the one best suitable for them. Valley Spring is available to help you or a loved one find the best sober living homes in Manhattan and get involved with the next level of recovery services in NYC.


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