5 Reasons Why Using Drugs to Suppress Rage is Bad


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5 Reasons Why Using Drugs to Suppress Rage is Bad

When future expectations go unmet.

Anger is an outward, intense emotional response that comes from frustration, malice, provocation, threat, depression or from being or is violated by an external force. Anger is generally a feeling that comes from masking hurt, fear, neglect, and longtime accumulation of hurtful feeling. Physiologically, anger has a dangerous impact on the human body. An anger person experiences increase heartbeat, increase blood pressure, adrenaline pumping through the system, muscle tension, stammering and lack of control. With all this said, anger is the natural way that the body reacts to being threatened.

Suppressed anger is the number one underlying cause of diseases such as depression, anxiety and a host of others that have ruined relationships and lives. Anger is meant to be released as it is the body’s way of warning us of imminent danger, and how we should react in such cases by ‘fight or flight’. When we suppress this anger, there is always a breaking point due to excessive accumulation of provocation.

However, the use of drugs to suppress anger is highly discouraged and not recommended by physicians. Anger and drugs is a nightmare waiting to be awoken. Though there are many drugs to curb anger, they all have side and long-term negative effect on the patient. These drugs used to suppress anger causes rage, which is a symptom when the drugs attack the brain causing the person to be aggressive and a danger to themselves and their immediate environments.

drugs to suppress anger not good sober livign nyc valley spring

Some drugs such as statins have been discovered to increase the rate of rage in women by altering their moods making them more aggressive, suicidal, and homicidal rather than calming them down. The drug statins are usually prescribed to women with high cholesterol. Other drugs like birth control pill, asthma drugs were found to harbor a more sinister danger by making you more aggressive, violently jealous and suicidal.

Feelings of anger have been linked to withdrawal symptoms amongst drug addicts. A study has shown that addicts who turn to drugs and alcohol rather than express their anger and rage are heading for a cycle of boundless destruction. Using drugs to suppress rage only makes you more aggressive when provokes which can cause physical reactions such as kicking, punching, and bouts of violence and becoming emotional blackmailers to loved ones and family
Fatigue and chronic pain are some signs of drug suppressed rage.

This is because these drugs calm you by continually forcing yourself to bottle up negative anger and angry situation. This is known as suppression or forceful prevention. Such cases have a negative impact on our digestive system, our heart and other vital organs of the body.
So when provoked to anger, practice breathing exercises or get yourself into an anger management program to be a better person.

If you or a loved one is struggling with anger, Valley Spring can help you get connected with some of the best anger management professionals in the industry. If someone you love is also struggling with addiction, Valley Spring can also help to connect them to recovery services and quality sober living in NYC. To learn more general information feel free to read up about sober living here. And if you’re eager to read more articles related to addiction and recovery, feel free to read our previous post about being there for friends who suffer from addiction.

Reduce Your Thoughts About Drugs

Don’t add; reduce instead

Alcohol and drug addiction is one of the most problematic among several kinds of addiction. It starts off slow and eats deep into the body, mind and soul until an individual is totally dependent on it.

Drug and alcohol abuse or addiction is one of the leading causes of death in America today. In 2015, over 52,404 deaths in individuals above the age of 12 were caused by either unintended drug poisoning or homicide drug poisoning.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a menace which is why there are several rehabilitation centers and support groups, who aim to wipe it off the earth. Even though there have been many cases of drug addicts becoming totally sober, a greater percentage battle with thinking about drugs everyday and eventually relapse.


The obsession to use drugs and alcohol takes time to be lifted completed. The following tips can help you or your loved one reduce negative thoughts about drugs:


Seek Psychological Help

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “over 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression and other mental illnesses.” Amongst those, a larger percentage choose to overdose on  drugs to help with the pain. Most of the time, drug addiction is merely a symptom of major underlying issues an addict might be dealing with. An individual who decides to become sober without actually fixing what the major problems might be, will go back to drugs as his only hope to make everything go away. Talking about your problems with a therapist will definitely go a long way in battling your drug addiction and helping to reduce your negative thoughts about using.


Avoid Being Idle

  • One thing you should understand about addiction is that it literally consumes a person, up to the point that all you do is think about it. Being idle can drag you back on your path to complete healing. The only way to combat this is by involving yourself in productive hobbies you’re passionate about. Set out to achieve personal goals, and in no time you would forget about it.

obession with drugs reduce thoughts for good sober living

Keep Sober Friends

  • This is basic logic, as the saying goes “show me your friends…”. Even if this isn’t applicable in all situations because we are all adults and responsible for our action, it is true to an extent. Keeping addicts as friends can cause you to relapse and dabble in drugs again. On the other hand, sober friends will help you in your journey as you both share the same interests and beliefs. You could consider reconnecting with a sober friend, or starting a friendly relationship with other sober colleagues.


Detoxify Your System

  • Detoxification helps in cleansing your system and ridding it of toxins. There are several detoxification processes for drug addicts available in rehabilitation centers, and online. The most popular is the very popular ‘water fast’, which usually lasts for 4-10 days and  entails eating and drinking only water for several hours of the day. After the fast, your body would reject other food items for a while. It is also important to seek medical advice before partaking in this fast to prevent detrimental effects.


These tips will help you or your loved ones hopefully reduce their thoughts about drugs. Plus, it always helps to be consistent on your journey to good health.  For more information about recovery services and sober living in NYC, contact the professionals at Valley Spring.

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How To Deal With The Stress In A Sober Living Home

Learn how to control your response to stress

Stress is an everyday part of human experience, it’s part of the daily ritual and comes in different forms: work stress, stress from the family, emotional stress and what not. Relieving stress and managing it appropriately on the flip side doesn’t come with the package, you would need to take deliberate steps towards containing the effect that stress has on you. Living with other individuals, also struggling with addiction who live in a sober living home, definitely presents certain challenges. Straight up, it’s not easy to live with other people — whether we are talking about generally living with others — and especially so when you living with others at different stages of the recovery process. There are going to be factors outside your control. What is within your control, however, is how you respond to a situation. The key is learning how to best manage stress when in a sober living home.

Man dealing with stress in sober living

In recent years, research shows that in the United States, overall stress levels are much higher with more of the adult population reporting experiences of chronic stress levels that have very negative impacts on their health, mental well-being and behavior. About one-third of the working-class population express their concerns about the effect stress has on their work life.
In time past, attention has been paid in great portions to gathering data and educating the public about stress and its impact on human life, however, very little has been said about how to deal with stress, especially when you live in a family that makes sobriety a lifestyle.

Stress and Exercise

  • Amidst the numerous benefits of exercise that medical experts outline, psychologists now assert that exercise plays a huge role in dealing with stress by relieving stress levels, gradually eliminating depression and promoting physical fitness. Exercise is perhaps the most widely recommended stress coping technique made by health experts all around the world.

Stress and Watching a Movies or TV

  • Seeing a movie or watching television has also been advised as an effective tool for relieving stress because you typically are in a relaxed and stress-free mood when you watch a movie, it Relax sign for dealing with stress in sober livingautomatically helps you feel less stressed. In an online poll carried out by the Anxiety and Depression Association of Nigeria, fourteen percent of total respondents claim that watching tv or seeing a movie helps them relieve stress.

Music and Stress

  • Music connects to very easily to our emotions and has an immediate impact on our emotional state, as such listening to certain genres of music has the ability to relax and relieve stress. Even though every kind or genre of music has the capacity to relieve stress, some genres rate top on the list, they include soft rock, country music, jazz, reggae and classical music.

Meditation and Stress

  • As simple as meditation sounds, it requires discipline to practice, however, its immense benefits should encourage you to try it out. The fastest and perhaps the most effective way to deal with stress would involve the incorporation of meditation into your daily schedule. A ten-minute meditation break keeps stress away. The Mayo Client offers some simple ways to help reduce stress through meditation.

Successfully utilizing these tools that have been outlined is a sure-fire way to ensure that you keep stress at bay. However, all your efforts may be futile if you do not address potential stressors. Many individuals resort to alcohol consumption, the temptation can be very intense especially when overwhelmed by a stressor, in order to avoid a situation whereby you are tempted to result to alcohol use and break your sobriety, ensure you reduce all stressors within your immediate environment — and ultimately, work on changing your response to stress and accepting those things outside your control.


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How to have fun in New York without drugs

May be hard to believe, but yes, life in the city can still be fun without drugs and alcohol!

In the lyrics of Ms. Taylor Swift in her hit song about New York, Welcome to New York , ‘like any great love it keeps you guessing, like any real love it’s ever changing”, New York might change in different ways, but something that will never change is that there always fun to be had in the great city. For a drug addict or dabbler aiming to be clean and stay sober, having fun seems impossible without drugs. And one of the things that cause drug abuse is boredom. However, there are so many things to do in the Big Apple that will leave your blood zinging and burning with so much fun you cannot but anticipate the high you will get from doing them. And the best part? None of them involve taking drugs. By the time you are done with this article, you will burn with anticipation, raring to go out there and have great fun in New York.

Fun things to do without drugs include:

  1. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Listening to music is a great reliever. Even more relieving and, more importantly, fun, is learning how to make music. So you have always wanted to learn to play the lute, organ or the guitar. Instead of twirling your hands and vacantly gazing into space, take the time now to learn. Better still, join a learning group or enroll for a class in New York. The interaction you will have with people and, at the same time, learning music is so much fun!
  2. Shakespeare in the Park! If you are literary inclined, New York offers to you one of the most unforgettable experiences you will have: Shakespeare in the Park! Every summer, courtesy of the Public Theater, this New York City tradition is produced and performed outside in NYC. The immortal words of Shakespeare are recited against a view of nature and the Belvedere Castle. To some, nothing beats this!
  3. Take a stroll with a friend. Other NYC sober living home residents maybe more empathetic to your struggles, or really any healthy people that have a positive influence on you are ideal to spend time with! Go take a walk around Manhattan or venture into another borough — you’ll be surprised how much a spontaneous stroll can be! This is a great way to relieve boredom and exert energy bottled inside you. There are impressive structures that are suited for this, one of which is the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Walking across this bridge, a historical landmark in NYC, is so refreshing and invigorating. Take that your special friend along and watch as the bridge transforms your platonic relationship into a romantic one.
  4. Have a TV marathon with friends. One way to dispel boredom is binging on your favorite shows and movies. Even better is binging with friends. So dust your cloaks and broomsticks, clean up your foggy glasses, and get on that train with Harry Potter to Hogwarts!

Two NYC sober living home lady residents taking a stroll having fun


It is not easy to remain clean and sober. It is especially difficult when you are bored. However, the Big Apple offers many opportunities to have so much fun. Go out there and have a blast! As Taylor Swift said, “Welcome to New York, it has been waiting for you, welcome to New York!”


Visit Valley Spring to find out more about their sober companion service that will help individuals to have fun sober in the NYC! Please feel free to read our previous blog about 5 Ways to Overcome An Alcohol Addiction . If  you’re not familiar with sober houses or halfway houses read more, or check out our NYC sober living home and the different recovery services we can provide.

Breaking a Bad Habit

Break down your habit, and start a new one.

A good number of people are somewhat conscientious of fact they have a bad habit (or a few bad habits). Thousands of people in New York City and countless numbers around the world struggle with one addiction or another, and arguably one of the most rampant forms of addiction is related to drugs and alcohol. Though you might be aware of your addiction, still it’s difficult to make a complete change without falling back into old patterns.

A person struggling with bad habits will most times find himself depressed by the failure to quit successfully. The continuous depression, more often than not,  may result in seeking the treatment and maybe even consider a sober-house.  Several individuals in Manhattan are today living sober lives, which gives hope to the addicts still struggling and sends a message that sobriety indeed is obtainable!

Some philosophical school of thought have it that the best way to stop a bad habit is to acquire a new one instead, that is to say,  replacing the bad habit with a good one in a substitutional fashion. Developing of healthy lifelong habits is a good stance at overcoming bad habits. Just be weary not to take things to the extreme. For instance, many people early in recovery will begin exercising again — however, they will visit the gym 7-days weekly and work out for 3 hours per session. This is too extreme. Be careful to monitor your activity and work on developing healthy expectations for yourself.

The process of substitution is not as easy as it sounds. One who is addicted to drugs and alcohol might not have the discipline to walk through the habit substitution process alone. This substitution process is best obtained when the services of a professional is engaged.

Look to the future to break a bad habit

There are a couple of tips on stopping addiction by substituting the bad habit with a good habit.


  1. Set simple goals: In making a choice of a good habit with which to replace the bad habit,  make your choice simple and easy to achieve. Avoid choosing complex or difficult goals that might turn out becoming too cumbersome to achieve, and thus you find yourself back in the bad habit of drugs and alcohol.
  2. Challenge yourself daily: In the City of Manhattan and NYC, with the unending hustle and bustle of the megacity, following up on new good habits might be near impossible.  Set a daily challenge for yourself to carry out your new good habit.  Following the daily routine of the good habit will gradually extinct the bad habit.
  3. Reminders: Reminders are great to help you stay on track with your new found good habit.  Writing out your new habit on notes and sticking the notes around conspicuous places will help you a lot on this regard.
  4. Triggers: Look for a particular event to usher you into your new found habit. The trigger can be any event you can do just before you engage in your new found good habit. One who is struggling with alcohol and drug related addiction, and who had chosen to read a book whenever the urge comes, can do push-ups or a couple of squats as a tiger right before he goes to reading.
  5. Avoid Temptations: To completely stay away from alcohol and drug or any other bad habit, you must avoid all forms of temptations that would lure you towards the habit. For drug and alcohol, you can avoid temptation by avoiding company of people indulging in these substances.  In a city like Manhattan or NYC, starting away from red light districts and the chronic night life will help you successfully turn away from these habits.


There are several ways of overcoming bad habits, but the best of ways is to replace the bad habit with a good habit; so that whenever the urge comes to do that bad habit,  you can immediately begin to do the good habit instead. William Durant summed it up quite nicely: We are what we repeatedly do, therefore, greatness is not an act but a habit.  Valley Spring is all about helping clients to achieve greatness as we work side-by-side with clients to develop new and healthy habits. Reach out when you feel ready and we will guide you in good direction. We can provide excellent recovery services and a luxury sober living residency in NYC.


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