Blog articles related to addiction and recovery

Blog articles related to addiction and recovery.

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Should Alcohol Be Banned?

Posted by VS Sober Coach on April 24, 2018
Considering the relationship between Culture & Alcohol There are many drugs that people can abuse. Many of these drugs are illegal, meaning that they are hard to get and usually expensive, but there are also legal drugs. If one considers the most popular legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco will probably be at the top. Alcohol, in particular, is a drug associated with many different issues. Alcohol contributes to car accidents, incidents of violence, accidents, fights,
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Happy and Drug-Free

Posted by VS Sober Coach on April 20, 2018
How to become happier without drugs in the equation At some point in our lives, we have come across many success stories of how different individuals have embarked on life-changing journeys and have found the true meaning of happiness. These people have faced some daunting life situations and have come out stronger and happier than they were. They could achieve this fit because of the positive attitude they choose to see all the obstacles that
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The Importance of Sober Homes

Posted by VS Sober Coach on April 18, 2018
Explore the benefits of sober living For the benefit of those of us that may not have heard of sober homes — sometimes commonly referred to as halfway homes–is a place free from drugs and alcohol that is set aside for victims recovering from addiction. These residencies are home to sober individuals trying to recover at their own pace while remaining within a structured environment before being re-introduced into independent living. These homes are usually
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When future expectations go unmet. Anger is an outward, intense emotional response that comes from frustration, malice, provocation, threat, depression or from being or is violated by an external force. Anger is generally a feeling that comes from masking hurt, fear, neglect, and longtime accumulation of hurtful feeling. Physiologically, anger has a dangerous impact on the human body. An anger person experiences increase heartbeat, increase blood pressure, adrenaline pumping through the system, muscle tension, stammering
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Good friends are key to happiness and health Battling with addiction can be very difficult and requires a lot of love and support from family, friends and loved ones to help the person come out a survivor. Addiction can be in different forms, it could be addiction to substance, addiction to drugs, addiction to alcohol, addiction to porn, etc. There is a very wide range of addictions a person might be battling with. A lot