Blog articles related to addiction and recovery

Blog articles related to addiction and recovery.

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Determine if sobriety makes sense for you. The idea of having few drinks with friends, either in celebration or just to chill, always seems like a pleasant one on the surface. This innocent take on drinking might be realistic for ‘normal’, however, most any addict can tell you that it might start off innocent but will certainly not end that way. What are the signs that point to problematic drinking and favor sobriety, maybe with
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Life Alcohol Free is Awesome for these 10 reasons For years, alcohol addicts have shared their testimony of leading a better and more improved life after quitting this lethal habit. If you’re currently struggling with alcoholic addiction in Manhattan, then this article can help you understand why you should think about quitting and maybe consider learning more information about sober houses and ways they can benefit you. Here are ten reasons inspired by Kate’s blog about
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Find the right New York State addiction counselor who subscribes to the OASAS Cannon of Ethics and also to counselor wellness. Both aspects can effect the overall experience of an individual’s road to recovery. Once rehab is completed, it is recommended to find excellent recovery services that will help you get connected to an outpatient substance abuse program and a reputable sober living facility. Cannon of Ethics The OASAS Cannon of Ethics serve as a
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Living Sober: Fun Things In NYC

Posted by VS Sober Coach on November 11, 2017
Check out some of the perks about sober living in NYC! NYC is quite densely populated and should not be a surprise due to the fact that it is considered as one of the world’s leading financial, cultural and commercial centers. It is a hub of activity which makes it a much more better place to get sober. With the existence of numerous points of interest, such as entertainment, tourist attractions, of which include the