Blog articles related to addiction and recovery

Blog articles related to addiction and recovery.

Environmental factors play a large role addiction A few decades ago, the Rat Park experiment done by Alexander made a big splash in the scientific community, especially in regards to addiction research. Since then, the validity and implications of the study have been explored significantly. Despite the many questions that may be associated with this study, it did bring an important topic into the discussion of addiction that had been, until then, focused mainly on
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What is the Opioid Epidemic?

Posted by VS Sober Coach on June 12, 2018

Hearing a lot recently about the opioid epidemic? Read on to learn more If you or someone you know is battling with addiciton, please reach out to Valley Spring Recovery Services. We will be happy to provide any needed referrals, if you are interested in learning more about halfway houses in nyc or are interested in sober living in Manhattan, we will be happy to help you! Also, please feel free to read our previous about co-occurring disorders 
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Co-occurring Disorders

Posted by VS Sober Coach on May 23, 2018

Mental Health deserves center stage alongside Addiction Addiction is a serious issue on its own. It requires a  significant effort on the behalf of the person to seek treatment and go through a rehabilitation and recovery process. Any addiction can significantly affect the individual’s quality of life and can be difficult to treat. However, one of the issues associated with addiction is that it often doesn’t occur alone. Individuals with substance abuse problems frequently have
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Culture is both shaped and shaping One of the criticisms associated with a lot of media that is blamed for being too violent or too sexual is associated with the way it portrays drug use. When we talk about drug use, we might consider alcohol, illicit drugs, and tobacco, which are often portrayed in a variety of contexts, and sometimes, portrayed in more positive, enticing, or appealing ways than the real-life consequences of drugs. Many
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Take what works and leave the rest Alcoholics Anonymous and its sister programs are among the most recommended services for addiction support across the country and in many other regions of the world. The program has a lot going for it, and many believe that this is a strong service with many benefits for recovering from substance abuse problems. However, there have also been some criticisms leveled against the program, and it has been suggested