Ways Your Life Can Change When You Quit Alcohol & Drugs

March 2018

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Ways Your Life Can Change When You Quit Alcohol & Drugs

Your life can drastically improve when you quit alcohol and drugs

Quitting a habit is more difficult than starting it. If you are trying to quit alcohol and/or drugs, the challenge still remains great. Something like drinking, which maybe begins innocently, with just a glass after work, after a stressful day, to remove boredom or avoid loneliness, may turn into a seemingly uncontrollable habit that you want to stop because of the negative effects it is having in your life. These negative effects may be debts, weight gain (usually from a pot belly), and tiredness, waking up with a hangover, bad eating habits, ill health and a whole lot more.


The following are the 5 ways your life will change when you quit alcohol and drugs:

New friends replace old ones

  • As the adage states, birds of the same feather flocks together.  The circle of friends you kept when you were drinking should change drastically or gradually, and you are encouraged to begin making new friends from joining new hobbies, or activities you are now engaging in since putting down the drink or drugs. Your old friends may not completely out of your life, but they will gradually realize that you are making a change for the better and will either respect what your new way of life or they will not.

Improved health

  • We all know health is wealth. Alcohol has been linked to diseases like liver cirrhosis which is a chronic disease of the liver caused by damage from toxins from alcohol, cancer of the mouth and colon, etc.  When you quit alcohol, there is less risk of falling sick from these diseases. You look healthier internally and external appears also improving such as your skin looking and feeling hydrated because alcohol helps the body to lose water.


drug free feeling healthy at valley spring recovery services sober living nyc


  • When you drink or do drugs, you need time to come out from an intoxicated state of mind. When you quit drugs, in the long run you will definitely sleep better, which leads to  improved mood and concentration. You will be more productive because you will be better at spending your energy and focus more wisely. If you are a student, preparing from your exams should no longer be as challenging as you can now dedicate your precious time to studying. If you are a businessman or woman, the way you handle your professional dealings can improve and people might be more likely to give you solid referrals.

Increased savings

  • You will be able to save money! Imagine that?! The money you spend on drinks or giving to your dealer can be saved or be used to take care of yourself and your family. You will not be indebted to anybody financially.

And there is more, of course!!

Alcohol can decrease your appetite, but it can also increase your appetite for food so there is definitely to gain unhealthy weight. Another good reason if you quit alcohol, you could certainly begin to lose some of that “beer gut” and you are little  things that bring change to your life follows. And when you quit heroin, as another instance, you will actually begin to gain weight and tackling malnutrition. You don’t get exhausted easily, you have more energy, you complain less of body aches and pain, you can move around easily, and your immune system improves which helps prevent and fights diseases.


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5 Ways To Control Your Alcohol Intake

Not everyone with a drinking problem is an addict

Maybe you haven’t crossed the threshold into full blown addiction…yet. It’s possible you are a problem drinker, more-so dealing with issues of alcohol abuse, and haven’t developed a full blown addiction to alcohol. This article will explore 5 different ways to help non-addicted individuals control their drinking.


problem drinker valley spring recovery services and sober living nyc

Keep Track of Your alcohol Consumption:

  • This is the first step to take after deciding to control alcohol consumption. You can mark out days on your calendar i.e phones calendar or a small diary can serve. You can mark out days for drinking and days to not drink on the calendar. You should also set a limit for the quantity of alcohol to be consumed on a drinking day so as not to exceed the quantity per day.

Create Alternatives:

  • If you have relied on drinking to help do away with some burdens then you should quit an create alternatives to it. You can create diversions for example hitting the gym, seeing a movie or even studying. Create healthy alternatives to drinking like good honest sober living. Avoid isolation as much as you can because you might be tempted to pour yourself a glass when alone. The best you can do is be active. Don’t stay alone when u know your weakness is close by. Develop a new hobby or make a new friend or rather reconnect with the old ones (the ones that are not a bad influence)

Learn to Refuse Drinks:

  • You might be offered a drink at a social function whereby you have no intention to drink on that day. A simple ‘No, thank you’ can save you the trouble. Delaying this simple reply creates room for excuses and you might end up drinking. There for the best thing to do is to respond as soon as the offer is made. Don’t delay your response. This might prove difficult sometimes but once you are determined you can overcome it.

Avoid Things That Ignite Your Urge To Drink:

  • If your urge to drink tends to be at its peak during social events then you should avoid them or rather reduce your attendance. If it is a particular place that ignites your urge, try to avoid such places. Where your house tends to be an agent of ignition too, you should keep little or preferably no alcohol at home — because that is where you spend most of your time and you wouldn’t want to tempt yourself. If your situation is such that hanging out with friends or a particular time of the day makes you want to drink, you should find activities to engage in during those times.

Do Not Drink On An Empty Stomach:

  • Hunger and alcohol don’t go well together. Whenever you are hungry, try not drink on an empty stomach, as the hunger might make you feel inclind to drink more — even if your intentions might be just a few sips. You should start by satisfying the hunger or you can carry out both at once! We’re sure you familiar with the old idea that eating food will make the alcohol get absorbed into your system, which should help to reduce the quantity you will consume. You can also decide to alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages while drinking. For example, you can take a glass of water during the intervals between drinks.


These steps might seem a bit simple or perhaps stressful for someone, but if you are determined to gain control your alcoholic intake, the ask here turns out to be pretty easy. Remember that unregulated intake can result to addiction. Just stay focused and determined, and you will find these steps helpful in your quest to gain control of your intake of alcohol.


For more help understanding your options, Valley Spring can help serve as a general resource or even provide services to help get your life back on track. If you think you might have a more serve problem with drinking and are considering sober living, Valley Spring can help you get plugged into the best sober living house NYC has to offer.


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5 Myths That May Interfere With Sobriety

There is a lot of information and many alternatives available, try your best not to overcomplicate matters and to keep it simple.

You cannot discuss sobriety without mention of alcohol and substance misuse coming to mind.

Getting sober indicates that alcohol or drugs are in the equation and are problematic. How each individual’s system reacts to a given substance differs on an individual level. Obviously to begin at a straightforward baseline, being sober indicates that the blood level of alcohol in your system is zero. To be sober is in essence to come back to reality, sometimes after experiencing a rock bottom of sorts from alcohol and/or drug abuse.

For those proponents of alternative medicine,  the latest drug in the market is the Chinese tree extract which some studies show has an effect of “keeping one sober” no matter the alcohol quantity consumed and claims to be a potential cure alcohol addiction. Though attractive, not very likely.

Another proposed alternative is a drug is called the DHM, dihydromyricetin, which is derived from a variety of Chinese raisin tree; it is said to have rather an immediate effect for sobriety and that when swallowed, acts as a potential cure for hangovers. If approved would be the first synthesized formulation  to combat a hangover. Again, only time and science will tell..

Drug myths around the world sober living nyc

There is always going to be noise surrounding “new alternative ways” to get sober, but one of the more recent popularized drug treatment programs involves suboxone or naloxone. Suboxone receives almost equal amounts praise and criticism,  however, some of the speculation surrounding this drug is outlined below:

  • Number 1: It’s a drug. Old-timers are adamant that  you can’t use one drug to cure another drug problem. Feedback often heard from some members of  AA, and even some narcotics experts, that a drug can’t make one sober after injecting another. All drugs are not manufactured equally Even though it has been shown in a study to help hangover patients and reduce effects of alcohol in our system. This drug also helps in stabilizing your life  and with consistent counseling and treatment, can help you to reduce suffering.
  • It could make you feel high or it could create a state of euphoria when ingested (most definitely at the incorrect dosage). The noise is from the medication assisted treatment precursor: methadone. Contrary to such speculation, suboxone is of a lighter effect and levels off even when doses are increased, it could stop your harder drug use and will help you to reduce harm in efforts of being sober.
  • Creating new addicts. There are people that believe that indulging in suboxone is creating new breeds of drug-dependent addicts. This is not necessarily the case in regards to suboxone. This is so because it decreases the dependency on intoxicants and helps to keep you in the fight for sobriety.
  • Suboxone is mood altering. All narcotic drugs are mood-altering; they change the way you behave.  Depending how you view the chemical reactions taking place, you lose control of your brain when drugs are ingested.  Suboxone, on the other hand, arguably gives you more control of your senses than the harder opiates you might be coming really struggling with.

Aside suboxone, the most common “drug” is caffeine. This help to quiet drunks by combating the tiredness caused by alcohol and keeping the brain alert. Caffeine is definitely one of, if not the most, widely consumed drug in the world.

It is okay to get that notion that all drugs are dangerous especially when it comes to the world of drug addicts and getting sober. We have to remember there are no drugs that can make you 100% sober except for sobriety itself.

-Written and submitted by a guest blogger interested in the topic.

For more general information about sober houses, recovery service options, or nyc sober living, visit Valley Spring.

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Reduce Your Thoughts About Drugs

Don’t add; reduce instead

Alcohol and drug addiction is one of the most problematic among several kinds of addiction. It starts off slow and eats deep into the body, mind and soul until an individual is totally dependent on it.

Drug and alcohol abuse or addiction is one of the leading causes of death in America today. In 2015, over 52,404 deaths in individuals above the age of 12 were caused by either unintended drug poisoning or homicide drug poisoning.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a menace which is why there are several rehabilitation centers and support groups, who aim to wipe it off the earth. Even though there have been many cases of drug addicts becoming totally sober, a greater percentage battle with thinking about drugs everyday and eventually relapse.


The obsession to use drugs and alcohol takes time to be lifted completed. The following tips can help you or your loved one reduce negative thoughts about drugs:


Seek Psychological Help

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “over 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression and other mental illnesses.” Amongst those, a larger percentage choose to overdose on  drugs to help with the pain. Most of the time, drug addiction is merely a symptom of major underlying issues an addict might be dealing with. An individual who decides to become sober without actually fixing what the major problems might be, will go back to drugs as his only hope to make everything go away. Talking about your problems with a therapist will definitely go a long way in battling your drug addiction and helping to reduce your negative thoughts about using.


Avoid Being Idle

  • One thing you should understand about addiction is that it literally consumes a person, up to the point that all you do is think about it. Being idle can drag you back on your path to complete healing. The only way to combat this is by involving yourself in productive hobbies you’re passionate about. Set out to achieve personal goals, and in no time you would forget about it.

obession with drugs reduce thoughts for good sober living

Keep Sober Friends

  • This is basic logic, as the saying goes “show me your friends…”. Even if this isn’t applicable in all situations because we are all adults and responsible for our action, it is true to an extent. Keeping addicts as friends can cause you to relapse and dabble in drugs again. On the other hand, sober friends will help you in your journey as you both share the same interests and beliefs. You could consider reconnecting with a sober friend, or starting a friendly relationship with other sober colleagues.


Detoxify Your System

  • Detoxification helps in cleansing your system and ridding it of toxins. There are several detoxification processes for drug addicts available in rehabilitation centers, and online. The most popular is the very popular ‘water fast’, which usually lasts for 4-10 days and  entails eating and drinking only water for several hours of the day. After the fast, your body would reject other food items for a while. It is also important to seek medical advice before partaking in this fast to prevent detrimental effects.


These tips will help you or your loved ones hopefully reduce their thoughts about drugs. Plus, it always helps to be consistent on your journey to good health.  For more information about recovery services and sober living in NYC, contact the professionals at Valley Spring.

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Don’t Hit the Ultimate Rock Bottom

Rock bottom, they say, is when you stop digging

The ultimate phase of an addiction or substance abuse process, is hitting rock bottom. At this stage, so much input becomes inevitably necessary, if the individual must find a way of coming back to pristine. It is highly recommended that a victim of substance abuse is able to overcome his challenges long before the conditions deteriorate. The chances of an effective rehabilitation becomes considerably reduced, as compared to the chances that would be, if a rehabilitation cause had been earlier set in motion. Getting into any form of substance abuse is bad enough, not to mention what becomes of the person if he/she does not get help early.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid the irreversible consequences of an ultimate rock bottom before you quit substance abuse:

Climbing out of rock bottom to better sober living in nycYou may eventually not be able to snap out of it

  • Typical addictions occur over a period of time, and in such a gradual process. Since this is so, the individual has a tendency to have become so addicted to his substance abuse over time, and in such manner that he does not find it any convenient to stop. It becomes an habit that would keep him/her in its stronghold; and although he realizes the needs to quit, he cannot understand how possible that would be.

Too much damage on health could have occurred


  • Drug and alcohol addictions especially, have some very dire consequences on the victim. Every ill effect that drug and alcohol abuse has on the individual, comes in handy, after a culmination over time. Before you get to the point when you’ve hit rock bottom, your health could have been badly affected. So, instead of waiting till that time when your liver or kidneys would have gone bad, it is only best that you quit your substance abuse and/or seek help from the appropriate quarters.


Emotional and psychological trauma

  • One of the things to consider if you’re thinking to hit your rock bottom before quitting your substance abuse, is the emotional and psychological trauma, you would have caused yourself as well as your family and loved ones. The addict who has reached his highest point of depression has some tendencies to loss reality of all the values of life. He is subjected to bouts of fear, and uncertainty. Sometimes, this may be the actual underlying effect of the substance that is abused. Many times, the families have to share in the grieve and uncertainty that comes with observing the events as they unfold.

You may not be able to cope anymore with active society and the workplace

  • Many changes would have occurred from the onset of substance abuse in an individual, to the point where they have reached their peak. There would be times in all of these process when the person could still cope well with interacting in society and at the workplace. As substance abuse intensifies, there is a climax at which the ability to function effectively, diminishes or even becomes impossible. Thus, he may not be able to concentrate on office duties or handle work tools and machines. This could lead to a loss of means of livelihood.Rock bottom can lead to growth for people sober living nyc

A popular belief that ‘an addict must hit rock bottom before getting better’ may not be true after all. Reaching rock bottom is not a prerequisite to sobriety, sometimes though, it’s the kick in the ass required to bring about the desired change. Quite fitting is the way JK Rowling sees it, “rock bottom became the foundation on which I re-built my life.” If you are fortunate enough to be given a second chance at life, assuming you don’t reach the ultimate rock bottom (death), then you might just be able to build a stronger foundation from reaching the bottom. No one can predict exactly, what effects a substance abuse would have on different individuals. While some people may find a way of bouncing back, others would just helplessly remain in it. Change is possible!


Valley Spring will always be available to connect you or your loved one with the best sober living homes and recovery services in NYC! Please feel free to read out previous blog about how alcohol can affect your relationships or learn more general information about sober homes.