Tips On Helping Your Friends Stay Sober

February 2018

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Tips On Helping Your Friends Stay Sober

NYC Sober Living: Good friends need good info                             

The need to stay sober after people come out of rehabilitation is key to a complete recovery process. Entering into a sober home in NYC is a great extra support that should be done complimentary with a proper outpatient service. For this to fully take shape, they are certain approaches, mannerism and behavior that they most strictly observe. With the help of family and friends, the steps and processes can be relatively smooth

Sobriety depicts a state of calmness and being articulate, thus it requires determination and commitment from the helping party as well as the one who wants to be sober. In recent times, excessive and consistent substance consumption–with most likely a combination of genetic factors–leads to addiction and we have seen staggeringly high rates over the years.  This does not mean we are hopeless, however, they are a number of ways one can help a friend to remain sober and avoid a relapse.

Friend support for sober living NYC

These are some of the ways we can help friends maintain good sober living:

  1. Accept them without resentment: By not being judgmental and accepting them without negative criticism, one can express love and care. This will help in the recovering process. Taken a step further, we can praise their decision for wanting to come out of addiction.
  2. Encourage them to embark on healthy habits: Exercise and engaging in sporting activities with a small group of friends will keep them positively busy. This new activity can keep them away from alcohol and drug abuse.
  3. Try meditation and Yoga: Meditation will help in quieting the mind of the individual. Then through Yoga postures, the person can reestablish connection with their body and soul. All these will instill calmness in the being.
  4. Encourage activeness: When the mind and body is gainfully engaged in a profitable venture, they will be little or no room for indulgence in alcohol or drug.
  5. Ask them to set goals: By setting goals, they will try to be accountable, and this will lead to responsibility. Having goals and challenging oneself to get better than they were would actually push them to reach new heights in staying sober.
  6. They should select the events they attend. This is very crucial. When recovering, its highly advisable for people to stay off environment that encourages drinking. This may also require they catch off friends who might oppose their resolve.
  7. Choose an affirmative reply to questions. Their new habit will definitely raise eyebrows, questions will be asked. It will be wise for them to have a handy calm and thoughtful response. This will put off the temptation of wanting to drink.
  8. Encourage them to talk to people they trust about their recovery. This will help them in getting more emotional support from more people, his ensuring them that they are not alone.
  9. Encourage them to be honest and open up when they feel bored. By being honest about how they feel at every given time, it will help in rendering useful advice to them on what they should do or ought not to do.


The ability to maintain sobriety is a continual journey. And this is only made possible through support from family and friends. People who are coming out of addiction must be told to be responsible for their well being. They should take control of themselves, noting that their happiness is their right and should always be guided. Valley Spring is always available to help you or your loved through the recovery process. Learn more about our NYC sober living residency and the recovery services we can provide.


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How to have fun in New York without drugs

May be hard to believe, but yes, life in the city can still be fun without drugs and alcohol!

In the lyrics of Ms. Taylor Swift in her hit song about New York, Welcome to New York , ‘like any great love it keeps you guessing, like any real love it’s ever changing”, New York might change in different ways, but something that will never change is that there always fun to be had in the great city. For a drug addict or dabbler aiming to be clean and stay sober, having fun seems impossible without drugs. And one of the things that cause drug abuse is boredom. However, there are so many things to do in the Big Apple that will leave your blood zinging and burning with so much fun you cannot but anticipate the high you will get from doing them. And the best part? None of them involve taking drugs. By the time you are done with this article, you will burn with anticipation, raring to go out there and have great fun in New York.

Fun things to do without drugs include:

  1. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Listening to music is a great reliever. Even more relieving and, more importantly, fun, is learning how to make music. So you have always wanted to learn to play the lute, organ or the guitar. Instead of twirling your hands and vacantly gazing into space, take the time now to learn. Better still, join a learning group or enroll for a class in New York. The interaction you will have with people and, at the same time, learning music is so much fun!
  2. Shakespeare in the Park! If you are literary inclined, New York offers to you one of the most unforgettable experiences you will have: Shakespeare in the Park! Every summer, courtesy of the Public Theater, this New York City tradition is produced and performed outside in NYC. The immortal words of Shakespeare are recited against a view of nature and the Belvedere Castle. To some, nothing beats this!
  3. Take a stroll with a friend. Other NYC sober living home residents maybe more empathetic to your struggles, or really any healthy people that have a positive influence on you are ideal to spend time with! Go take a walk around Manhattan or venture into another borough — you’ll be surprised how much a spontaneous stroll can be! This is a great way to relieve boredom and exert energy bottled inside you. There are impressive structures that are suited for this, one of which is the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Walking across this bridge, a historical landmark in NYC, is so refreshing and invigorating. Take that your special friend along and watch as the bridge transforms your platonic relationship into a romantic one.
  4. Have a TV marathon with friends. One way to dispel boredom is binging on your favorite shows and movies. Even better is binging with friends. So dust your cloaks and broomsticks, clean up your foggy glasses, and get on that train with Harry Potter to Hogwarts!

Two NYC sober living home lady residents taking a stroll having fun


It is not easy to remain clean and sober. It is especially difficult when you are bored. However, the Big Apple offers many opportunities to have so much fun. Go out there and have a blast! As Taylor Swift said, “Welcome to New York, it has been waiting for you, welcome to New York!”


Visit Valley Spring to find out more about their sober companion service that will help individuals to have fun sober in the NYC! Please feel free to read our previous blog about 5 Ways to Overcome An Alcohol Addiction . If  you’re not familiar with sober houses or halfway houses read more, or check out our NYC sober living home and the different recovery services we can provide.

5 Ways To Overcome Alcohol Addiction

How to overcome your addiction to alcohol 

So for the past few months, you have consistently been taking alcohol every day or every other day. Few close friends and family have had a word with you concerning the increasing level of your alcohol intake. You would rather enjoy the temporary release alcohol gives to you than face a stressful issue; and if you are being totally honest with yourself, you know that you are addicted to alcohol.

You do not like the fact that it is slowly taking over your life. So you have decided to get it sorted. Get rid of your addiction and take the steps necessary to overcome addiction. It is obviously going to be a difficult journey, there might be period of lapses, because you are only human.  Nevertheless, here are a few tips to help you out.

Recognize that you have an alcohol addiction:

  • The first step to solving problem is identifying the problem itself. Denial is just a means of prolonging the time it takes to start the treatment process.

Eliminate all enabling environment:

  • The alcohol stash under your bed, in the store and the numerous other places you hide it to avoid the accusing stares and speeches from family and friends. You alone know all the places you hid it. Be honest with yourself, remove it and throw it out or give a responsible drinker.
  • If sober living is important to you, you need to say bye to your drinking buddies. They are also part of the enabling environment. You need to cut off ties with them for a more healthy and sober life.

Overcome addiction and face your demons

Seek help:

  • The choice on how to go about getting treatment for the addiction depends solely on you. However, it is usually advised not to go about it alone. You can seek out professional counsel or get help from support groups that help you get through your addiction and help you develop the skills you need for sober living.
  • Support groups puts you in contact with people who are going through similar issues, you get to discuss experiences and advice each other on how to overcome them. They also stand for accountability; you get to account for your progress or lack of it to your support group and professional help. If you’re coming fresh out of rehab, it’s a good idea to check into a really good sober house while you continue your outpatient care. There are many illegitimate NYC halfway houses, so make sure to do proper due diligence.

Be realistic:

  • As much as you want to do away with the addiction problem, it is not going to happen overnight. The addiction problem did not start in one day. Change takes time, so do not be hard on yourself. Baby steps!

Reward yourself:

  • When you achieve set milestones such being sober for two weeks or even two months, reward yourself. Be proud of yourself. It gives you an event to look forward to and helps proper you to break more grounds.

The road to overcoming addiction is not smooth; there surely are bumps on the way. However, it is not a hurdle that cannot be crossed. Have a go at it. The fact that you are seeking to overcome addiction and looking at getting treatment is a start in the right direction. You can do it! When you’re ready, call Valley Spring and they will help you plan a solid course of action to continue on your road to sobriety. See what Valley Spring’s sober living residency in all about.


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How to Maintain Your Sobriety

Reflections about how to maintain your sobriety

Sobriety is not a walk in the park, recovering from addiction is a daily battle. Deciding to quit abusing drugs is only the first step in your lifelong recovery process. Everybody’s journey to recovery and sobriety is different, especially in a city like Manhattan where drug abuse and opiate fatalities are at an all-time high.

Couple thinking about sobriety

For most people, it is quite easy to stop using substances and not have to think twice about it; while some others struggle with drug addiction and find sobriety truly challenging. But no matter how difficult it may seem, there are also a number of people who fight the battle and come out triumphant. It is possible for you!

We understand the struggle and how hard it can be on this journey to maintaining your sobriety; this is why we offer a few tried and trusted coping tools to help you deal  with the side effects of staying away from drugs.

First thing to help you on this journey is to create structure and support in your new found life. The old you lived your life with complete reckless abandon, with no support or structure whatsoever. However, this living on the edge will not work for your sobriety. Your new lifestyle will need some form of structure and support.

Creating structure around your life means that you consciously begin to form new habits that supports this new lifestyle and inculcate them into your daily living. This is very important especially in the early days of your recovery journey.

Work out a new daily routine: practice positivity, take care of your diet, allot a certain amount of time for exercise and physical activity, it is very important to stay proactive. Work on a healthy sleeping schedule and stick to it. Experts say it takes an average of 21 days to form a new habit, so consistency is key. As you develop new habits, do away with the past bad habits that will threaten your healing process.

The walk to get sobriety


As you work with the new structure you have created, do well to find a support group. The whole process can be an overwhelming experience but most recovering addicts always say talking to someone helps. Community happens to be an important part of both halfway houses or sober living homes. These are good places to seek out solid sober support. If you are looking for a seasoned professional to speak with, however, therapy is a good route to discuss any emotional and psychological issues that you are dealing with.

You can also decide to attend support groups for recovering addicts; this has proven effective for a lot of people. There are quite a number of reliable support groups in Manhattan, find one and identify with them.  Just because you decide to quit does not mean you will not be constantly plagued with cravings. To deal with the gnawing hunger, make sure you attend your meetings regularly and share your struggles.

Practice accountability, sharing and listening to other members of your support group will make you feel less alone which makes it difficult to fall back into old habits.

Create a life you love, cut off negativity, stay away from anyone or anything that might cause you to relapse. Every day that you do not give in is a victory; celebrate these wins no matter how small. And if you do give in, do not stay down feeling sorry for yourself, pick yourself back up and get back on track.

Opportunities will arise that will tempt you to use again but every time you refuse to give in, you strengthen your resolve and neural connections. Be patient with yourself and with time you will find that it will get easier.



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Solid Alternatives to Getting High

4 Solid Alternatives to Getting High

Making an attempt at sober living wherever you are — Manhattan, Chicago, New Jersey , Los Angeles — is not going to be easy. Almost since the dawn of time, humans have enjoyed some mind altering form of escapism.

At times, it may seem very attractive to be able to escape your consciousness and avoid whatever is going on with you. The only problem is with addicts is that once they pick up, they typically cannot stop on their own, and ultimately, using doesn’t make your problems go away. After “feeling good” (or feeling numb) for a couple of hours, you still have to face your problems.

Sober living is a conscious effort to end your alcohol or drug addiction because the downsides of getting addicted to alcohol and drugs are physically and emotionally wrecking. And since most people believe you need to end one addiction with another, you need an alternative to getting high that has no downsides or puts your health at risk.

Man meditates as an alternative to getting high


Here are some great alternatives to getting high:

1. Intense exercises

In the mornings it is now a norm to see people running in Manhattan and most people practising sober living have adopted this lifestyle, using it to replace their addiction. This is because of something called ‘runners high’, it is believed that intensive exercises that get your heart pounding like jogging, running, riding a bike, running on a treadmill etc, induces a combination of sedation and analgesia that gives you a certain level of highness.

This form of getting high is not only natural but healthy because exercises keep your health in check.

2. Sex

Sex is one of the most natural alternatives to getting high because during orgasms the body releases a natural form of painkillers known as beta-endorphins, which makes you feel so good and on top of the world.

As an addict practicing sober living, whenever you miss the highness alcohol or drugs gives you, try having protected sex with your partner instead. It is natural and does not pose any immediate danger to your health. However, keep in mind your potential in developing a sex addiction. And yes, this is a real thing and most certainly has the potential to be detrimental. So be aware.

3. Support group

Being with a group of people who do not look at you judgingly when you talk about hurdles of achieving sober living but instead applaud you for your consistency and mistakes is a type of high. It makes you feel like a hero or a star or your own play. Feeling good about yourself is a natural type of high and that is what a support group does for you.

In a support group, you are free to let go of what you are going through without fear of being judged but instead receiving a certain limelight. And if you must know limelight gives a certain type of high which is why most artists do so many things on stage they would not do, without being high. The sound of people applauding and cheering you on is a great alternative to getting high.

4. Conscious breathing

Most times when you are on edge it is advisable to practice conscious breathing. Taking slow and deep breaths calm your nerves, giving you a sort of natural high. Practicing this whenever you need a drink would help you get through it. Sam Harris, neuroscientist and philosopher, offers terrific guided meditations and an article on how to meditate.



Getting high is an endangerment to your health. And when you consider there are so many alternatives to getting high, you would be shocked at how good they make you feel riding a natural high! Valley Spring will help you make plans to find healthy and safe alternatives to getting high on substances! Visit our page to learn more about our NYC sober living residency and the recovery services we provide.

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