5 Signs It Is Time To Stop Drinking

November 2017

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5 Signs It Is Time To Stop Drinking

Determine if sobriety makes sense for you.

The idea of having few drinks with friends, either in celebration or just to chill, always seems like a pleasant one on the surface. This innocent take on drinking might be realistic for ‘normal’, however, most any addict can tell you that it might start off innocent but will certainly not end that way. What are the signs that point to problematic drinking and favor sobriety, maybe with thoughts about different recovery services and learning more about sober living houses?

The problem arises when the few drinks become more than just a few; and the occasional drinking becomes a daily activity, building up to the point that you find yourself exhibiting certain characteristics that you normally would not. Here are a few pointers inspired by Kate’s blog to let you know that its time to put down the bottle:

  1. Drinking has made you broke: When you realize that you would rather spend the last money on you to purchase alcohol irrespective of other pressing needs like paying your NYC rent, or you have begun to dip into your savings to purchase alcohol; then you know that you have to put a stop to it. This sign means that you are so addicted to alcohol that you prioritize it over necessities, and in the case of emergency, you would not have any funds to spare.


  1. When it becomes your means of escaping from stress or worry: When sober living is not longer an option and drinking alcohol becomes your go to after a bad day or stressful day, you take it as a means of escape from whatsoever has been troubling you, you need to call it quits. The alcohol only serves as a temporary escape, and you get back to meet the problem after you are sober. This shows that you are not capable of handling distress or problems without alcohol. You, therefore need to abstain from alcohol to regroup and learn to deal with difficult situations without alcohol.

Guy thinking about getting sober

  1. When you drink every day or almost every day: The frequency of your alcohol intake is an indication of addiction. If you find yourself drinking alcohol every day, it might be an indication that you need to pause for a few days to evaluate and make sure that sober living is possible for you and that you can do without alcohol.

Most alcoholics do not realize the extent of their addiction until they try to stop for a few days and then develop withdrawal problems such as feeling woozy or strange; then they realize the need to take a longer break.


  1. People have told you that you have a drinking problem : Most people would rather avoid bringing up or talking about unsettling issues even though they are quite obvious, but when people that surround you such as your family and friends or even total strangers, point out that you have a drinking problem or that they would not give you liquor in good faith, it may be a sign that you have to stop drinking and maybe seek recovery services or sober living. It takes a lot of courage to confront someone over a drinking problem, knowing fully well that a confrontation could go awry; so for a person to confront you about a drinking problem, you most likely need to get it checked.


  1. You have repeatedly exhibited different behaviors while drunk that you would not ordinarily exhibit: Excessive drinking beyond one’s tolerance level usually leads to drunkenness. Often, people exhibit some behaviors while drunk, that they would not exhibit if they were sober. These behaviors range from being extremely calm to being extremely violent and uttering words a sober you would never have thought of. When you frequently exhibit such appalling behaviors that render you speechless at their recount; you need to stop your alcohol intake and consider getting help with sober living.


These are only a few reasons why you should put a stop to regular alcohol intake; other reasons include obvious dangers to vital body organs such as liver, kidney, and skin; as well as loss of respect from individuals. The best part is, you get to live a life that brings happiness to you and those you care about! If you feel you or your love may have a problem with drinking, Valley Spring is here to help your loved get connected to terrific recovery services and sober living in NYC and all across the country.


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10 Reasons Why An Alcohol Free Life Is Awesome

Life Alcohol Free is Awesome for these 10 reasons

For years, alcohol addicts have shared their testimony of leading a better and more improved life after quitting this lethal habit. If you’re currently struggling with alcoholic addiction in Manhattan, then this article can help you understand why you should think about quitting and maybe consider learning more information about sober houses and ways they can benefit you.

Here are ten reasons inspired by Kate’s blog about why quitting alcohol is the best bet to leading a happy and healthier life;

Improved Health

Girl using stop sign to say no drugs and alcohol

As the saying goes “health is wealth”, this can’t be any truer. Alcohol has an adverse detrimental effect on your overall health. It can lead to the development of a plethora of alcohol related illnesses. Quitting alcohol, and the benefits that come from sobriety in general, can improve your immune system, which is required for fighting against different illnesses.

It can also reduce the risks of cancer, improve liver and brain function, and also increase the functional rate of the heart




Youthful Appearance

If you’ve paused and compared the photos of alcoholics who have been sober living NYC for years, you would notice the difference in their appearance. Alcohol doesn’t just affect you internally but also on the outside.

Quitting alcohol will help your skin retain more moisture and elasticity, giving you a more supple and youthful glow as you walk around the streets of Manhattan more confidently.


Healthier Weight

Contrary to popular belief as regards the taste of alcohol, it does contain a lot of sugar. A bottle of wine contains 700 calories worth of sugar, which is the exact amount as that of a Big Mac. Quitting alcohol would reduce your calorie intake, and finally that exercise and dieting would begin to pay off.


Improved Energy Levels

A huge part of leading a healthy NYC lifestyle is having enough energy to carry out daily fun sober living related activities. Being an alcoholic can cause you to be less energetic, and motivated making it difficult to function properly.


More Likely To Achieve Your Goals

Like it or not, any kind of addiction takes up more time. The times you regularly crack open a bottle of wine, can be utilized in setting out and accomplishing set goals.


Save Money

There are a lot of things that can cost you money, one of those is an addiction. It doesn’t matter if you are an alcoholic or a drug addict, money is required to partake in such vices.

The bottle of wine you decide to take daily costs money, taking the pain to lounge at your favorite place to drink also cost money. Doing this daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rounds up to thousands of dollars. Do the math and you would see the benefits from sober living.


You Feel Better About Yourself

Feeling better about yourself and life

One of the major characteristics of alcoholics, is the fact that they are always ashamed and regretful of the choices they made. An alcohol free life instantly means no more alcohol influenced decision making, and you are in charge of all decisions made by you.


Better Opportunities

An alcoholic has a lower chance of gaining employment in a firm, or getting a promotion in a firm he/she works at. Alcohol leaves you unfocused and unfit to handle certain tasks that requires mental input at your workplace.

Also, an alcoholic would most likely call in sick a lot compared to a normal worker. This would most likely cause you to be seen as lousy, unprofessional, unreliable and lazy. Become a better version of yourself and consider sober living.


Reduced Risk Of Being A Law Offender

Drunk driving can lead to your own death, or the death of someone else. According to the United States Department Of Transportation, the figures of fatalities recorded as a result of drunk driving has been on the increase since 2010.

Also, Driving Under The Influence (DUI) is a crime in the United States. It might not land you in jail, but it will definitely dent your record and cost you money as a result of fines you must pay.


Better Partner/Parent

Alcohol has a detrimental effect on individuals and causes them to distance themselves from their family. All you think about is drinking, and you end up spending money meant for other things on alcohol or most times you’re too hungover to spend quality time with family. This could cause disagreements, conflicts or worse, separation.


Sure alcohol can give a high that helps you relax, but would you rather have that than get your life in order? Think about it. Valley Spring is here to help you or your loved one take the next step. Check out our NYC sober living and recovery services offered.

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Importance of Cannon of Ethics and Counselor Wellness

Find the right New York State addiction counselor who subscribes to the OASAS Cannon of Ethics and also to counselor wellness. Both aspects can effect the overall experience of an individual’s road to recovery. Once rehab is completed, it is recommended to find excellent recovery services that will help you get connected to an outpatient substance abuse program and a reputable sober living facility.

Cannon of Ethics

The OASAS Cannon of Ethics serve as a professional code of conduct for the Credential Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC). The cannon is a set of guiding principles established for the counselor, in turn, these principles help provide a sense of direction for the client’s treatment process and for the treatment facility at large. Not only do these principles provide direction, ultimately, they are a regulatory source for the Credentialing of Addiction Professionals. 

Ethics play a vital role in the relationship between the counselor and the client. The client deserves to (and should) be informed of the role each is to play, and especially, made clear of boundaries in the client-counselor relationship from the start. The counselor should regularly practice objectivity, fairness, respect and integrity.

Over the counselors’ career, s/he will find themselves in unique position to make a lasting impression on their client(s); this position is an opportunity for the counselor to serve as an example or role model to the client—which further supports the need for a strong ethical foundation, both in theory and in practice.

It is understood that the rehab industry is generally very shady. For example, think about all the awful halfway and sober living houses operated in NYC or the kickback schemes happening in Florida.  For this reason, it is important for the provider of recovery services, the sober living facility, and the addiction counselor all establish and maintain a strong commitment to being ethical. The general ‘shade’ associated with this industry is compounded when one considers the clientele whom this industry serves. It is fair to say, on average, that most clients are not entering such facilities in such high personal moral standing. Clients typically enter a facility at a rather vulnerable and low-point in their life; a good counselor or service professional will be aware of their clients’ condition and make sure their client is not being taken advantage.

Counselor Wellness

Living sober - counselor wellness is key to a happy client - counselor relationship

It is perhaps equally important that the counselor does not burn him or herself out entirely, and concentrates on individual wellness. In the same way self-discipline is required to be ethically fit, it is also required in taking appropriate steps toward counselor wellness.  This observation about the client and counselor makes for an even stronger case of why the counselor should lead-by-example and be a pillar of hope—serving as a good, ethical frame of reference for the client to look-up to.

From an institutional perspective, information tends to flow most forcefully from the top-down. Since the facility is comprised of individuals, the information pronounced as important within facility directly effects the company culture. I believe the message of ethics needs to be delivered from the top, and likewise, echoed from the bottom. When all parties involved in the treatment process are prioritizing a principled approach and driving home a message of ethical responsibility, then it makes for a more integrated, higher quality care experience for the client. It is not easy to find the best recovery services and NYC sober living for you or your loved ones. Help is always available — especially here at Valley Spring. 


Living Sober: Fun Things In NYC

Check out some of the perks about sober living in NYC!

NYC is quite densely populated and should not be a surprise due to the fact that it is considered as one of the world’s leading financial, cultural and commercial centers. It is a hub of activity which makes it a much more better place to get sober. With the existence of numerous points of interest, such as entertainment, tourist attractions, of which include the statue of liberty, the Empire State Building, Broadway, and even the financial territory of wall street, and other points of interest such as, education, fashion, and arts, one can understand why it is In fact the best place to get sober. In fact, in NYC, there is never a dull moment.

Manhattan, though the smallest of New York City’s five boroughs, is the first place that comes to mind whenever NYC is discussed. Being home to central attractions such as, Times Square, St.  Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park, One World Observatory;  the High Line, top notch restaurants and museums, the best of boutiques, and even Broadway and the Empire State Building, there is absolutely no need to wonder why this borough has now become the main hub of activity in New York City. So, what better place is there than this to get sober in? Manhattan in New York City is the best place to build yourself up, and go on adventures; both intellectual and physical. No matter what you love doing, no matter your field of focus in life, Manhattan has all there is to satisfy your craving soul. Here are some cool and interesting things you can do in New York City:

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA):

  • There is always something intriguing about art, it matters less whether you are interested in arts or not. Art simply captivates you and there is more to unravel in each piece, more than the eyes can see. A visit to the Museum of Modern Art will have you experience the captivating nature of arts first hand. In it contains several famous works of arts such as; Monet’s Water Lilies, Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup cans, and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. There is absolutely more than enough to keep your attention fixed for a whole day.

Take a life changing visit to Central Park:

  • In Central Park, there is always something to do. You can just never be found idle, activities ranging from free concerts, ice skating, yoga lessons, and picnicking, are among what you can choose from, numerous other activities are also there for you to choose. The scenery is peaceful and exquisite;  an eight hundred and fourty three acre of an exuberant oasis amidst a concrete jungle. A visit to NYC is really incomplete without a visit to Central Park.

NYC Central Park Sober Living

The Empire State Building:

  • One may ask ” of what use is my time if all I just do with it is to stare at a building? “. Well, the unique thing about this particular tour is that it really is indeed a tour, not solely because you get to see what beauty the building beholds, but mainly because you get to see the much more exotic beauty of Manhattan. At the eighty sixth floor of this exceptionally high heighted sky scraper lies the most beautiful revelation of Manhattan you would ever experience; Manhattan’s jaw dropping view.


  • What better way to be entertained than by a visit to Broadway. All the shows are enthralling and would certainly make you feel spell bound. The phantom of the opera, the Lion King, Jersey boys, Les Miserables, wicked, Aladdin, Anastasia, Chicago, are some of the show stopping shows which Broadway offers. A visit to Broadway would leave you feeling beyond ecstatic.

New York City Groupon deals:

  • Wining and dining in New York City does not have to expensive, capitalise on the Groupon deals and get yourself access to top class restaurants which serve dishes that would surprise your taste buds at half a price. Simply imagine the scenario; the best of meals, whether alone, or with your loved ones; in a recherche restaurant, at half the normal price. Now, this is quite the deal and does not hurt at all. Make use of NYC Groupon deals.

Visit  Madison Square Garden:

  • This is the greatest concert and athletic venue in the world. The best in the entertainment industry have performed here and it’s worth checking out a basketball game or concert! Check out a list of upcoming scheduled events here.

Attend Free Summer Concerts:

  • Being in New York City during the summer time is all shades of advantage as you get to attend numerous free summer concerts which would keep you and your friends occupied. Dance shows, movie shows and live music shows, are always in place for you to enjoy.

Include Chinatown among your hangout spots:

  • Get a feel of China’s diverse culture in Chinatown. Enjoy and take in Chinese food and numerous varieties of Chinese green tea. You could also stock your home up with China ware just after a visit to Chinatown. It is indeed one of the best places to see in NYC.

Eat right in New York City:

  • So, if you are a foodie who just got into New York City, numerous lavish restaurants are there for you to choose from. Enjoy One hundred percent Italian cuisine at Eataly. There is absolutely no need to leave for Italy after experiencing such a meal. Fraunces tavern is another top class place to go. It is a museum, a restaurant as well as a historic landmark, so while enjoying your meal, you still have access to see certain pieces of history. Who needs a restaurant when there are numerous hot dog, bagel and pizza outlets in New York. With these outlets and vendors serving the best, steaming, most delicious snacks, you definitely won’t be able to resist the urge to ask for more.

Explore The City:

Bridge to recovery NYC Sober living

  • Various beautiful secrets are still yet to be discovered in Manhattan. Exploring Manhattan is one great and interesting way to make use of your time and energy, and it is not the only place that can be explored. New York itself constitutes of five boroughs, you could explore the other four also. A visit to Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island, would let you see the overall beauty of New York itself, and also make you appreciate the activeness of Manhattan. There is always something new to discover in New York City; check out the official guide to NYC here.

Build yourself:

  • Whether mentally or physically, NYC  is a place where building one’s self is best obtainable. Do you love books and the quest for knowledge? The New York public library is the place to be. In Manhattan there also are centered top class universities where you can build your knowledge, such as the Columbia University and the New York University. If you are also interested in arts you could develop your interests and talents by enrolling in good art schools such as the Ashcan Studio of Art, School of Visual arts, and Lower Manhattan arts academy, of course, these are all located in NYC.

Live and Experience

  • In Manhattan, you would find several more reasons to live and experience life. You can not just simply exist in Manhattan, you can never be idle in New York City. Whether you experience the holidays such as Christmas, or you experience the often bubbly state of Times Square, you would always find something to talk about, something to appreciate. This In fact, is the best and most interesting of all things you can do in NYC; smile, take in the cool Manhattan air, live and experience life, don’t simply exist.

The truth is there are still a zillion and one things more to do in NYC which would blow your mind away, leaving you feeling fufiled, happy and brand new. When Alicia Keys sang the song ‘  Empire State Of Mind ‘,  she really did take in the full impression of New York City both mentally and physically, when she said ” New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do now you’re in New York, the streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you. Hear it for New York ” . This simply explains why New York City is the best place to get sober in. In a place where the street inspires you, what more could you ask for?

NYC Sober living in is very obtainable and just as likely as in several other cities, especially in Manhattan. All the activities keep you well occupied, restraining your mind from wavering. You can seek support from Manhattan’s natural beauty, take a walk in Manhattan’s beach. You could also tap into your creative side, get more creative, develop your talents, and excel in your quest for knowledge. Let’s hear it for New York, let’s hear it for Manhattan, and let’s hear it for quality options to recovery in the best city in the world like Valley Spring Sober Living and Recovery Services!


NYC night time sober living